The application for date checks*

* helping retail stores reduce their food waste through simplified controls of best-before-dates.

Save time and reduce waste

Whether you are young or old, local retailer or supermarket, selling groceries of pet food, Deligate can help you reduce the waste in your store.

You can always try our solutions for one month – free of charge (we are just so confident that you will be satisfied).

1. Registration of the assortment

By adding your departments, shelves and products a digital copy of the store is created. Here we can keep track of all the expiry dates.

2.The routine

Each day you will receive a list of the products expiring within the closest days. You control these products and enter their new expiry dates. For products that are soon to expire you can use our channels to price reduce, donate or sell the product in other ways.

3. Analyzing

With our analytics tool you can easily track your waste- and price reduction-numbers, to learn which products you should order less of – or simply stop selling.

I wanna learn more!

What is Deligate?!

Deligate was started in 2016 to solve a widespread problem with food waste related to the expiry dates within the grocery trade. There is so much food thrown away because it is difficult to keep track of the product’s expiry dates – a problem that should not be present.

Our vision is that all the food we produce should be used and that no food should be wasted for nothing. With this vision, we have now made it our life task to create the market’s best solutions for minimizing food waste around the world. And with our eyes in the rear-view mirror, we have actually come a long way on the road.

Therefore, Deligate is currently used in 320 stores around the Nordics and the numbers are growing more for every day.

We hope you will soon be one of them.




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